Des Moines City Council Approves First Transportation Master Plan

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines city leaders put the city’s first transportation master plan in place Monday.

The Move DSM plan is organized into three parts DSM today, tomorrow and moving forward.

The plan provides better ways to classify streets in Des Moines to align with how people use them.

“Up until now we haven’t always had that that very kind of clear, concise vision for our transportation that also linked with our land use. And so now we will be able to link our transportation and our road along with our land use, so we can achieve what we want to see for land use in our communities. And those areas we want to grow and strengthen in our neighborhoods, we can use our roadways and designing our roadways to meet those goals,” City Traffic Engineer Jennifer McCoy said.

Another important part of the plan includes how the city will address more than 600 miles of gaps in the sidewalk network.

“Initially there are 180 priority one sidewalk gaps. About 13 of those, are on school walk routes. So that’s where the city has really been talking about focusing their first initial investment, so that way those kids that want to walk to school make sure that they have sidewalk and get to where they need to go on sidewalk,” McCoy said.

Maddison Miller said the lack of sidewalks is something the disabled community struggles with daily all over Des Moines.

“Where I live, they don’t have a sidewalk on my street, which is kind of dangerous for me. Because I kind of have to go on the street during the dark time to get to work or near a DART stop. For me, it’s very scary because I don’t know what’s in the road or if it’s icy or slippery,” Miller said

City leaders said this plan is a vision for how the city will accommodate all different types of transportation for the next 25 years.

“Move DSM sets out a vision of where to invest our transportation dollars and really to focus to create that vision to have a good multimodal network for all of our residents,” McCoy said.

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