Des Moines Candidates Hit the Ground Running in Runoff Campaigns

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Election day has come and gone but Des Moines voters are being asked to go back to the polls again next month to settle three big races.

A runoff election will be held December 3rd to settle those races.

On that runoff election ballot, Jaquie Easley and Carl Voss face off for the city council at large seat.

For Des Moines City Council Ward 2, voters will have to choose between incumbent Linda Westergard and candidate Skip Moore.

For Des Moines Mayor, incumbent Frank Cownie will face off against Jack Hatch.

All of the candidates on the runoff ballot have roughly four weeks to win over more voters.

“They have a really tight window for early voting now. The first day people can early vote is November 20, which is a Wednesday, and that’s the first day also that we can mail absentee ballots,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said it’s been several years since the City of Des Moines has had a runoff election.

“We saw one in a ward system in 2013, but the last time we had all of the Des Moines precincts involved was in 2009,” Fitzgerald said.

Both Cownie and Hatch said they will be knocking on doors and attending lots of neighborhood meetings in the coming weeks.

Cownie says if he’s re-elected one issue he will focus on is opportunity.

“Our long range plan looks at how we are going to move people from where they live to where they work and meet their needs and necessities. So neighborhoods, really is number one and infrastructure is clearly another high priority. We need to move forward on reconstructing streets. We’ve got a $300 million budget in place and we are moving forward with it immediately,” Cownie said.

Candidate Jack Hatch said he thinks voters are ready for change and if elected he wants to move forward in a different direction.

“We are going to revitalize our neighborhoods. We are going to take a look at smaller commercial nodes, repair our water and our streets. We’re really going to take more of a look at affordable housing, how are we going to expand it to the middle class and how they could have more secure housing. And third, we want to broaden our cooperation with the schools and get into mental health issues,” Hatch said.

The runoff election day is Dec. 3, but early voting starts on Nov. 20.


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