DES MOINES, IA — The Des Moines Arts Festival is back this weekend, celebrating it’s 25 year anniversary.

The festival is down at Western Gateway Park and runs through Sunday. There are hundreds of artists, live music, food and beverage vendors and activities for families to enjoy. The event is completely free to attend.

“We have had great crowds all day and a lot of people are taking home art,” said Colleen Murphy, the Director of Communications for the Des Moines Arts Festival.

This year’s festival is significantly bigger than last year. Last year they had to spread out vendors and artists due to COVID-19 restrictions. This year they were able to add almost 50 more artists back into the mix.

“There is a lot more programming offered, there is more artists, last year there was 150 artists and this year we have 190,” said Murphy. “That big change was because of COVID last year we reduced our numbers and spread things out. And the 190 is back where we have traditionally been in years past.

Thousands of people filled several blocks that were closed down for the festival on Saturday. The list of events can be found at the Des Moines Arts Festival website. There are still multiple singers scheduled to close down the event on Sunday, along with plenty of other activities.

“There is quite a few things and the weather is going to be gorgeous so it will be a great day to come and finish up the festival,” said Murphy.