DES MOINES – The Des Moines Art Center’s Art Spectrums program returned this year after being put on pause due to the pandemic.

Art Spectrums is a program where children with autism and their families can learn about and create art at the Art Center.

Jen Geigley, one of the Instructors of Art Spectrums, has a son who is also a participant in the program.

Geigley said that for autistic children who struggle to communicate through words, art can give them a voice.

“My son when he was younger was non verbal and over the years he has gained verbal abilities, but he used to draw to be able to communicate what he wanted to eat and all kinds of things and everyone here is different every kid here is different and we are here to let them express themselves through art not through words theirs no pressure.” Geigley said.

Art Spectrums happens every 2nd Sunday of the month and is for children with autism aged 5-12 years old.

To learn more about Art Spectrums or to sign up visit the Des Moines Art Center’s website.