Des Moines allergy office offers Moderna vaccine to patients who suffer from allergies


DES MOINES, Iowa – The Allergy Institute in West Des Moines administers the Moderna vaccine to patients who suffer from allergies.

Dr. Fadi Alkhatib, the institute’s president, says the office is authorized to administer the vaccine through the Iowa Department of Health. Currently, the office administers the Moderna vaccine to its patients. Dr. Alkhatib says it’s the first allergy office in Des Moines to offer the vaccine.

Dr. Alkhatib says the institute received doses of the vaccine in late June and began administering doses in August.

“What we do is, we bring that vaccine, and then we actually skin prick them on their arm,” said Dr. Alkhatib.

“And if they test negative, then we actually do a small amount it’s very diluted under the skin, and if they’re negative, then we actually give them the vaccine.”

The main ingredient in Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer is polyethylene glycol, according to Dr. Alkhatib.

He advises anyone who has experienced adverse reactions to vaccines to get an allergy test before taking the vaccine.

“It’s a very rare allergen [polyethylene glycol]. Now patients who had vaccine allergies in the past with this chemical, then they, we might need to definitely also can test them before the vaccine. They will benefit a lot from this procedure.”

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