DES MOINES, Iowa — As the winter weather and extreme winds swept across the state it kept travelers waiting for takeoff.

At the Des Moines International Airport, there was 13 cancelations or delays just as morning broke, and that number increased throughout the day.

“You can’t just look at the weather here in Des Moines, you have to look at weather en route and then at the other airports as well,” said Kevin Foley, the executive director of the Des Moines Airport Authority.

Foley added that planes need to be de-iced when they land and then right again before takeoff. This becomes a challenge when you have to have employees out in the blistering cold and wind performing that job.

Travelers from the state and from across the country saw their flights delayed or canceled at the airport.

“So basically, I was coming here to the airport at six and then everything was going perfectly fine, but then my flight got canceled,” said Mateo Rodriquez from Des Moines.

“I haven’t seen snow in a few years so at least that’s pretty cool. I’ve never been in like weather this cold,” said Sierra VanCleave from San Francisco. “I feel like it’s the typical, oh no, we’re stuck in the airport at Christmas. Like we might write a movie.”

“I had a 9:30 flight out of Des Moines to Denver and everything’s canceled, so now they say I’ll get there by 6:00 p.m. tonight,” said Randy Mulder from Johnston.