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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The Des Moines International Airport is testing out heated pavement to help clean up areas covered in ice or snow.

A 15×13.5 foot slab of concrete was installed in November of 2016 with an electrically-conductive system installed. The heat prevents snow and ice from accumulating, and the designers claim it will work in any temperature. The system can be controlled with a mobile device.

Airport officials say they know just where to put the new technology.

“It’s more the tight, confined areas that you have to get into to remove snow, you know, where’s the heavy foot traffic, where’s the lighter equipment going up next to the planes, getting the luggage on and off, getting the passengers on and off, making sure that can also stay functional and efficient is where I kind of see this being the best application,” said Brian Belt, the airport’s director of engineering.

Designers say the concrete will cost about 40-50% more than regular concrete, but could be worth the investment considering the cost of de-icing chemicals and snow removal equipment.