ALGONA, Iowa — Storms which rolled across Iowa Tuesday did some damage around Algona and in northern Kossuth County.

The high winds downed branches all over town. One giant branch landed on the car of Brian Wilson, News Director at KLGA. The branch damaged his car so bad it wasn’t able to be driven.

Charissa Mueller, Kossuth County emergency manager, spent the morning surveying the downed corn north of Algona. She reported damage around Burt, Swea City and near the town of Lone Rock.

“I was just sitting at home watching T.V. and decided to get up because I thought I heard one of the trees crack at home, and I walked outside and saw what I thought to be a funnel cloud,” said Lone Rock Fire Chief Matt Hutchinson.

He added that there were some fallen branches blocking streets in town. The branches had been cleaned up by noon, but some residents were still hauling branches later in the afternoon.

Corn fields in and around Lone Rock experienced varying levels of damage. Some fields were completely flat and others only had slight flattening.

“We’ve got some things going for us,” said Roy Jensen, a farmer from Kossuth County. “We needed the rain, we got the rain, its been really dry up here. The corn is still in the vegetative growth stage so it’s got the information in it to stand right back up.”

Jensen said to give it a few weeks, the corn crop here may not be a disaster, even though some fields are looking pretty rough after the derecho storm.