Democrats Propose “No Fly, No Buy” Gun Bill


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DES MOINES, Iowa — House Democrats are pushing for a new bill, they call “No Fly, No Buy” in response to the tragic shooting Orlando.

A gunman used an assault rifle Sunday to kill 49 people and injure more than 50 others.

Democrats say if the federal government puts you on the “no fly” list because of a terrorism threat, then you shouldn’t be able to buy an assault weapon either.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson has introduced a bill to require that FBI investigators be notified whenever anyone ever investigated for terrorism buys a gun.

“We’re not saying: don’t sell guns to someone just because they were investigated,” Nelson said in a statement. “But having a system in place that alerts the FBI if someone they once investigated is suddenly trying to purchase multiple assault weapons is just common sense.”

Democrats do admit that this law would not have necessarily stopped the Orlando massacre since the shooter was not on a “no fly” list, but it does add another layer of protection from assault rifle attacks.

Sen. Chuck Grassley calls it a bad list.

“For instance, Senator Kennedy was on that list. There are ways of putting together list, but that list is not a good list,” he said.

Presumptive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seemingly both agree with a “No Fly, No Buy” bill.

Clinton addressed the issue Tuesday. Her speech reads in part:

“The terrorist who killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in Orlando did it with two guns: a handgun and a Sig Sauer MCX rifle. If you don’t know what that is, I urge you to Google it. See it for yourself.

This man had been investigated by the FBI for months. But we couldn’t stop him from buying a powerful weapon that he used to slaughter Americans in large numbers.

Let’s get this straight. We have reached the point where people can’t board planes with full bottles of shampoo – but people being watched by the FBI for suspected terrorist links can buy a gun with no questions asked. That is absurd.

It just seems like western Pennsylvania common sense, if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane, you’re too dangerous to buy a gun.”


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