DELIVERY SERVICES: Storm Won’t Stop Them

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A lot of businesses and organizations shut down when the weather gets bad, but for others.. the show must go on.

Metro delivery places say nights like this are as busy as they come.

It makes for a long day for Northern Lights store owner Tommie Hull. She says the second the snow started falling, the pizza orders went through the roof.

On a normal night she has 5 drivers, on the night of the storm she had to add an extra and call all the drivers in early.

Hull holds down the fort at the store answering the phones and making the pizzas, but on some nights she has to leave the kitchen and get behind the wheel herself.

“If they live on a hill or down a hill… you have to park your car where you can and then walk up to their house, and that kind of adds more of a different strain. You hope you got your snow boots on, and you hope you got your scarf and gloves, and you hope the wind does not take the pizza out of your hand,” she explained.

Hull says most people understand that their pizza might be a few minutes late because of the weather.

Meals on Wheels is another delivery service that doesn’t slow down when the weather sets it.

They plan on delivering all 900 meals scheduled for Friday despite the snow.

Drivers didn’t stop deliveries during the last big snow storm in December either.

If they did have to cancel, preparations have already been made, 400 weekend meals were delivered Thursday.

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