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DES MOINES, Iowa — An ad released by Gov. Kim Reynolds’ campaign this week caused controversy for using footage of Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, a Black woman who some believe resembles Reynolds’ opponent Deidre DeJear. The challenger took time during a campaign speech Sunday to criticize Reynolds’ advertisement.

“When I first saw the ad, I’m going to be honest, I said, ‘Oh, she’s got a real cute look-alike for me,” DeJear said during the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame banquet. “I soon leaned in and realized that it’s a congresswoman from another state.”

Some people, including Iowa Democratic Party chair Ross Wilburn, have chastised Reynolds’ ad as being racist. DeJear did not explicitly call the advertisement racist, but scorned the GOP for what she believes are their intentions behind the message.

“I saw what my opponent was doing,” DeJear said. “Not only was she trying to stoke and divide within our party, she was trying to stoke and divide between two women who had never even met each other before.”

DeJear also clarified that she does not agree with Bush’s “defund the police” stance profiled in Reynolds’ advertisement. She added that she has talked with Bush through social media since the campaign ad aired.