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Terri Supino wiped away tears as she heard opening statements (WHO-HD)
Terri Supino wiped away tears as she heard opening statements (WHO-HD)

BLACK HAWK COUNTY, Iowa — Opening statements began Wednesday in the double murder trial of Terri Supino.

Supino is accused of killing her husband and his girlfriend 31-years ago at the Copper Dollar Ranch near Newton.

Supino wiped away tears as attorneys for the state and defense presented their cases.  Prosecutors say Supino killed 20-year-old Steven Fisher and his 17-year-old girlfriend, Melisa Gregory, because she was jealous of their affair.

Fisher worked as a ranch hand at the ranch and was spending the night there with Gregory the night they were killed.  Defense attorneys argue there is no evidence linking Supino to the murders.

“Terri Supino had both the motive and the opportunity to kill Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory. We believe Ms. Supino caught Steven and Melisa together and with premeditation and malice of forethought she murdered both of them,” said Scott Nicholson, first assistant Jasper County attorney.

“There is still not a single thread of physical evidence that ties Terri Supino to that crime scene. Nothing,” defense attorney Jill Ann Eimerman responded. “No blood, no blood on Terri, no blood on Terri’s clothes, no blood in the car they were driving, no finger prints. Nothing.”

Defense attorneys also told the jury that drugs were being dealt out of the  Copper Dollar Ranch and that Fisher was working as a confidential informant for police at the time that he was killed.

The trial is expected to last about three weeks.