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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Kirsten Anderson’s claims of sexual harassment and wrongful termination will soon be turned over to a jury.

On Friday, the defense had their time to call witnesses, choosing to focus on Anderson’s job performance.

“It was very disorganized, I would say that would be my chief concern with it, once I delved into it, was the disorganization,” said Tracie Gibler, an Iowa Senate Aide. There were various grammatical errors, things of that nature. A good example of things she was instructed and then continued not to change was referring to Senator Dix as the Senate minority leader. Well, we don’t need to broadcast that we’re in the minority, certainly, so we asked her to rephrase it.”

The defense also showed a press release written by Anderson with a glaring error about funding. During the trial, the defense has said her writing was poor and full of errors, and that was what led to her termination.

Anderson’s attorney’s put it to a test, asking one witness to proofread a draft; the witness could not point to any errors.

Closing statements will be on Monday, and then it is up to the jury to decide the case.