DES MOINES, Iowa — Last April, the Johnston Community School District Board of Directors approved a conservative club at the high school.

Since then, the club has faced challenges from parents who don’t want the organization involved with the school district.

On Wednesday, the Iowa State Board of Education was set to listen to an appeal decision relating to the club. Those for and against the club were set to speak at the meeting. That decision was delayed due to a motion early on Wednesday morning.

“So basically the board did not take any action today because one of the parties appealed the proceedings and so the board didn’t take any action,” said John Robbins, the President of the Iowa State Board of Education. “But what they did do is move it to a future date as far as the board meeting, possibly in January.”

The motion filed today asked for a more formal setting for the appeal, which a party is allowed to do based on Iowa law.

The club, Turning Point-USA, was created by students in the district who felt that their political beliefs and ideals were not heard in the school district. Turning Point-USA is a national non-profit, with the mission of educating and organizing students to promote freedom.

According to the appeal document, the club was first applied for back in August of 2021. The description of the club was “holding teachers and students accountable, helping stop the spread of a biased agenda, socialism, critical race theory, and big government.” The description has since changed.

Parents against the student club claimed that three school board members violated the board’s policy when they publicly advocated for the club on social media and their involvement with “Moms for Liberty”. This was prior to the school board vote.