De Soto Residents Pressure City Council on Water Quality Issues, Increased Rates

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DE SOTO, Iowa — The De Soto City Council held a public hearing to talk about water quality and an increase in rates on Tuesday evening, and there were some pretty tense moments.

Residents pressured the city’s public works director and mayor as to why their water was murky and why they are paying hundreds of dollars for it.

The city has increased water rates by seven percent for the last five years, and say rates will continue to go up for the next several years.

The reason why is to help pay for a new water treatment plant. Officials say it will cost about $3.3 million.

Residents are complaining of murky and undrinkable water. Derrick Ramsey says the water issue has been a problem for about a decade but claims the city has repeatedly ignored and overlooked the issue.

However, the city says the water is not contaminated and is safe to drink.

He started a petition to demand answers about the water quality and rate increase. Ramsey says has even considered moving his family out of De Soto because of it.

“It’s pretty cheap here living wise but not utility wise and I think is pretty sad when my utility from my water is more expensive than my energy bill,” he said.

The public works director does not live in De Soto. Ramsey believes that’s why the issue has not be dealt with sooner.

The council will consider other considerations brought up at Tuesday’s meeting at the next city council meeting on Sept. 30.


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