Davenport Schools Will Break Law to Avoid Layoffs

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — The head of Davenport Schools is finding support in his plans to break state law to save jobs.

Rather than lay-off 25 teachers, Dr. Art Tate plans to use money from the district’s $29 million reserve account.

That violates state law because the district is spending more than they are legally allowed. Dr. Tate says state lawmakers put him in this position because they didn’t follow the law. The legislature was supposed to set school funding levels on February 12th.

The Iowa State Education Association supports Dr. Tate. The teaching union released a statement saying, “When the state Legislature refuses to comply with the law and set supplemental state aid for fiscal year 16, they place Dr. Tate in an untenable position of violating the law in order to take care of his students. We are proud of his decision to take care of his students.”


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