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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Over the past weekend, Davenport police officers responded to calls involving kids shooting water-based gel beads at unsuspecting motorists, a Monday release from the Police Department said.

This latest TikTok trend is making its way across the country, police said. Beyond the potential for injuring someone or distracting a driver and causing a potential crash, this behavior could rise to the level of a crime. Davenport City ordinance 9.40.010 prohibits the use of dangerous toys within the limits of the city and is simple misdemeanor, the release said.

“Not only is it dangerous for those being shot at, it is dangerous for individuals with the toy guns as they could be mistaken for real guns,” police said. They sent a photo of a toy gun with its appearance altered, recently seized by the LaGrange, Georgia Police Department.

An individual had painted a toy gun black and silver to give it the appearance of a real gun.

“Parents and guardians, please discuss the dangers and consequences of this type of behavior with your children,” Davenport police said. “If you have these toy guns, check to see if the color or appearance has been altered.”

The Davenport Police Department cannot stress enough the dangers involved in these types of activities. Pointing a gun at someone — whether it is real or fake — can result in dire consequences.

Please take the opportunity to speak with children about social media platforms mindfully and ensure they understand the ramifications of participating in this type of trend, police said.