Davenport Businesses, City Leaders Meet Amid Flood Recovery

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Wet weather in eastern Iowa is raising concerns that the Mississippi River could rise above the minor flood stage, as business owners in Davenport work to repair the damages caused by flooding nearly two months ago.

More than 30 businesses had to temporarily close their doors. On Friday, members of the newly formed Downtown Davenport Business Coalition and city leaders met face to face for the first time. Business owners have been at odds with the city over who is to blame for flood damage and if the city did enough to protect them.

The meeting included the city administrator, two city alderman and a number of business owners. The media was not allowed in, but those in attendance say it was a good first step.

“It’s been painful. At the end of the day people have been hurt and we are now in that phase where we’re going to make the next step of addressing the issues, correcting the issues, being better and turning the corner. That’s the message we have right now,” said Kyle Carter of the Downtown Davenport Partnership.

The coalition says they plan to provide specifics on what went on during Friday’s meeting sometime next week.


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