‘Dating Sunday’: Online Dating Surges on the First Sunday in January


DES MOINES, Iowa — A New Year means setting new resolutions and possibly finding love. People are so hopeful about finding love that dating apps have named the first Sunday in January as “Dating Sunday” or “Singles Sunday.”

“That’s not something I had ever heard, but after thinking about it, it’s pretty obvious to me,” said CEO Midwest Matchmaking Courtney Quinlan. “A lot of people have their resolutions, and one of those resolutions for a lot of people is to find love.”

According to the Match Group, the company that owns the dating apps Tinder and Hinge, they saw a 40% increase in engagement on the first Sunday of the year.

So how do can you get your profile noticed?

“I would say grammar and punctuation is huge. Spell things correctly, write full sentences,” said Quinlan.

Quinlan also recommends avoiding taking selfies and ditch wearing sunglasses and filters.

“I personally think it plays like a toxic dating culture,” said Des Moines resident Chaise Zaahrt.

However, while some are hoping to find love online, others are not too sure about finding love online.

“I’m honestly very indifferent about online dating. It’s hit or miss a lot of the time,” said Des Moines resident Angela Cermele.

Although many people are logging online, if you don’t find love on Sunday, Quinlan said it is not too late to find love.

“There is not a bad time to find love,” said Quinlan.


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