DES MOINES, Iowa- On Saturday afternoon a man in a fishing boat got too close to the churning water at the Scott Street Dam and his boat got sucked in and stuck. He struggled to survive.

Des Moines Fire Department Wet Team Two came to the rescue. Lt. Tad Stoner said the team used what’s called a two-boat tether; the rescuing boat is tied to a second boat which is safe outside the strong current. The second boat can pull the rescue boat in and out if need be.

The Des Moines Fire Department posted on Facebook photos of the rescue and an explanation for what happened.

“A very low frequency, very high risk, operation that could have easily been tragic for the victim and his rescuers. Great job by the 2nd Division DMFD water rescue team putting their training to the test on Saturday in saving this boater from the ‘Maytag’ below the Scott Street dam. There’s a reason for that moniker, and getting too close is a mistake many people make … once.”

On Thursday afternoon the 1st Division DMFD wet team was on the river at Scott Street dam trying to replicate the rescue, so they will also know how to attempt this highly dangerous rescue, if needed.