Dancing Defeats Distancing


DES MOINES — Lily Ungs just wanted to see her grandparents while she’s home from ballet school.

“Yeah, it’s hard not seeing people that you miss,” said Ungs. “He [my grandpa] was like ‘hey you should come dance during our social hour on Wednesday.’”

So Lily bridged the gap from the balcony to the blacktop.

It’s just a nice thing to do in times like these, to cheer people up and lift some spirits I guess,” said Ungs.

Fleet feet, and smooth moves.

“I’ve never danced in a parking lot, so this will be a first for me,” said Ungs.

All while Jon and Elaine Lindgren watched from their third-floor apartment.

“It was really surreal,” said Jon. “Because I always wondered would we see her dance again. because stadiums are closed and venues are closed. It’s her whole self and I was so glad she could come tonight and share it with everybody.”

While families are apart, dance defeats the distance.

“It’s just exciting that I can use what I have to help other people feel happy in this rough time,” said Lily.


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