KAMRAR, Iowa — When the storms hit Hamilton. County on Monday night it brought back a memory of a tornado hitting the same farm in the late 70s.

“We got hit on June 28, of 1979, those two sheds destroyed in ’79 are again today,” said Al Trampel, who farms east of Kamrar. He was asked if lightning or tornadoes strike twice. “The myth is they don’t, but obviously they do.”

The storm that hit Monday is not believed to be a tornado. Tim Zahn, the Hamilton County Emergency Management Coordinator said he sent photos of the damage to the National Weather Service. He said they believed it was straight line 70-80 mph downburst winds that caused the damage. The storm began down by Stratford and came north and east passing just east of Kamrar.

Some twelve to fifteen farms were hit with varying degrees of damage. There was heavy damage to many farm buildings and several were totally leveled.

Trampel had been away from his farm and hog operation for the Memorial Day Weekend.

“We have a house on Lake of the Ozarks, we were just coming back from the weekend,” said Trampel. They got an automated call from the hog barn. “The alarm system calls, electricity is out at 8:23, everything‘s OK the pigs have feed, they have water and electricity.”

Trampel said the hogs had matured and will be trucked soon to market. His neighbor Joe Mock is about a mile or so east and was also hit hard by the storm.

“My wife saw that the outside picnic thing lift up in the air and sucked into the lilacs,” said Mock. “We came out after the storm was over our barn was completely down and the shed over here was pushed forward and sideways about six feet.”

Mock lost a lot of the farm buildings, which were not insured.

“The good Lord saved our house,” said Mock. “My nephew is coming tonight to help so we can get out of the yard because the yard is kind of blocked by trees right now.”

At the Barry and Kris Klaver farm, an old wooden barn was leveled, and the two machine sheds had heavy damage. Their son’s place nearby also had a pole building garage ripped apart and tossed to the north. Family members said they saw a white cloud coming toward their place from the south. The wind hit quickly followed by some heavy rain.

No injuries were reported. There were two homes, which had minor damage.