Dallas County voters want their voice to be heard on school board candidates


WAUKEE, IOWA – Dallas County voters showed out for city and school elections today. A big topic of discussion in the county has been the school board elections in Waukee.

There are four school board spots open with eight total candidates running for the positions. This race was the one that drove Dallas County voters to the polls more than others.

“I am concerned about the school board and the issues for children and also that we spend our money in the right place for children and the education materials and update education curriculum for people,” said Karen Daughan a Dallas County Voter.

School board positions are non-partisan but across the state and in Waukee political action committees put their support behind certain candidates which for one teacher and parent was concerning.

“I would say I don’t love how political it has gotten so my reason for being here is I wasn’t going for candidates that were necessarily going the political route,” said Elizabeth Faber a Dallas County Voter. “To me it is about the kids and about education less about parents having their say in everything.”

Another voter wanted politics to play a roll in school board elections.

“I want good stable conservative members on my school board that aren’t going to be preaching racial problems so that is my biggest issue right there.” said Al Scholes a Dallas County Voter.

Polls close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday with election results following shortly after.

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