Dallas County Medical Equipment Loan Closet Now Open

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PERRY, Iowa — 21st Century Rehab, inside of Dallas County Hospital, now has a medical equipment loan closet available to Dallas County residents who need some type of equipment after surgery or illness.

“A lot of times they have difficulty getting around their homes. They need an ambulatory device such as a the walkers, a wheelchair, a type of crutch. But also when they get into the bathroom, it’s difficult for them to get on and off the toilet. So adding a commode or some kind of riser can help them stay in their home longer because they’re able to access those, as well as shower getting in the shower,” Occupational Therapist Caitlin McDowell said.

The loan closet carries walkers, shower chairs, toilet seat risers, canes, crutches and more.

McDowell said many of these pieces of equipment can be expensive and not always covered by insurance.

“The barrier for them to go home or to be safe within their home was not being able to get these pieces of equipment or not being able to afford them. The reason I really wanted to start this is, I wanted to have a program where I could say these are what you need to be safe in your home or this is what I recommend for you to be safe in your home, and be able to provide those at no cost to the individual,” McDowell said.

To rent equipment all you have to do is call and talk with them about what you need or what you’re having trouble doing.

“There’s no cost associated with using the loan closet here. It’s just under the understanding that you are renting it for a time period and you’re going to bring that back when you no longer have that need so that someone else within the community can use it,” McDowell said.

She said this loan closet runs solely on donated items that have been through a cleaning process and are safe to use.

If you have questions about donating or renting you can call 515-465-7557.


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