Dallas Center Fire Chief Speaks Out After Dodging Speeding SUV

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DALLAS CENTER, Iowa — The Iowa State Patrol is investigating a weather-related accident from two weeks ago when a Dallas County deputy was hit while responding to an accident. “When the wind is blowing and it’s a white-out, you can’t see through it,” Dallas Center Fire Chief Joel Hofland said. During poor visibility on a stretch of Highway 44 two weeks ago, dash camera video shows Hofland assisting Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Soll. The two were on scene of a minor accident. “A couple close calls when people don’t pay attention,” Hofland said. One of those close calls was captured. A red SUV lost control careening into a patrol car. It just missed Hofland and a woman who was involved in the accident.
“It is scary no matter how long you have done it,” Hofland said. “The first thing you think about is looking around to see if everyone is alright because you know they came screaming through there.” Grainy body camera video captured Soll getting hit. He suffered minor injuries. “The deputy is doing pretty well. He is at home recovering. He has some minor bruises [and] some testing to go through. Hopefully we will get him back to work early beginning of next week,” Dallas County Sheriff Leonard said. Emergency crews say severe weather in part caused the crash. Hofland and Leonard hope the incident serves as a reminder to slow down. The driver of that red SUV is charged with failure to reduce speed to a reasonable rate causing crash and is expected to appear in court.


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