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DES MOINES, Iowa – Fed up with the number of fights at Des Moines Public School District, fathers are starting a new initiative called Dads on a Mission.

“Even though my son is not a risk, he could be at risk because of other kids that are at risk. So I feel like I have to be a dad to all of them,” said the initiative’s founder Lance Williams Sr.

Sunday night, several dads showed up to support the initiative. Lance Williams Sr. is the initiative’s founder. He says his sons attend schools in the district. Williams’ son is proud of him for starting Dads on a Mission.

“I think it’s worth it because if he does, it will make me stop looking behind my back,” said Lance Williams Jr.

The initiative’s goal is to allow fathers to volunteer at middle and high schools in the district. The group hopes to meet with students before school, during lunch, and after school. Organizers are working closely with the school district.

“We are actively working with them, and we are excited to be a part of it, and we will be on board with this 100 percent,” said Des Moines Public School District Associate Superintendent Matthew Smith.

“We’re excited to walk along with the fathers in Des Moines.”

Fathers will start volunteering at schools on Tuesday. “We’re starting behind the scenes this Tuesday, and we’ll be in there as soon as school comes back [from Christmas break]. You can expect [to see] us at East High as soon as school comes back in. So kids out there, we [are] coming,” said Williams Sr.

Williams Sr. hopes this group will direct students in the right direction.

“That’s what men do. We lead, we direct, and we [are] consistent. So I think if we did those three things and sparkle some love on it, we’ll be all right.”

Any fathers who would like to join the group should Facebook Dads on a Mission.