Cyclists Lay Out Hopes for Next Legislative Session



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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  On Saturday, hundreds of cyclists gathered in Des Moines for the annual Mayor’s Ride benefiting the trail system.

As the legislative session winds down, cyclists say more work needs to be done next year to make the roads safer for the community.

The Iowa legislature was not ready to make the state one of the few requiring drivers to move over if they were to pass a cyclist.  Those in the community are hoping for a better shot at the bill next legislative session.

“We’re trying to be a little more progressive. It’s unfortunate, but at some point I think we’ll see it happen,” said Bif Ridgeway, co-owner of Bike World.

“People who are cyclists need to kind of voice their opinions and show up and we just need to get a lot of stuff done to make it happen,” he said.

Bob Molsberry knows all too well the dangers of cycling.

“I’m in a wheelchair now. I was injured 20 years ago while I was out bicycling on a country road and was hit by a hit and run driver. Recovered, but my life’s been more difficult since then,” said Molsberry

Molsberry says passing the bill is just common sense.

“It doesn’t slow drivers down any, it saves bicyclists’ lives, the more people on bikes the fewer people in cars, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for the health, good for the world, drives down insurance costs, everything else, it’s the right thing to do, we just have to do it,” he said.

The request from the cyclist community next session is safety, but when it comes to the state of cycling in Iowa there is one thing they are very pleased about.

“We have a great bike trail system, we’ve got over 600 miles of paved bike trails in the central Iowa area which is fantastic, that’s where a lot of people feel safe, now we’re working on making the streets safer, too,” said Ridgeway.

There were 11 cyclist deaths in 2016.

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