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DES MOINES, Iowa – Americans are estimated to spend more than ever on cyber Monday.

According to NBC, seven point eight billion dollars in sales are expected Monday. Making it an 18 percent increase from 2017.

Iowa State University Professor in the Department of Apparel and Events Linda Niehm said it is important to stick to your shopping list, look into a company’s return policy and see if free shipping is offered.

“They may be looking for some of those things that they didn’t get during black Friday or maybe they didn’t catch it during the pre-sale period, etc,” Niehm said.

Niehm said using apps and websites that list the best deals is just one tool to use when shopping online.

“Consumers have become more savvy. They are used to doing more google searches and utilizing apps and other technology that is going to help them zero in on some of these deals,” Niehm said.

Niehm said it is important to look at all options and not only rely on that one app or website to tell you the best deal. She suggests to do your own additional research as well.

Popular items expected to be purchased on cyber Monday include: TVs, gaming consoles and smart home devices.

Apps to use on cyber Monday include: eBates, Shop Savvy and Price Cruncher.

A good website for amazon shoppers to use is