Custody Hearing for Rescued Dogs Will Resume Thursday

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa  —  The Animal Rescue League of Iowa will go back to court on Thursday in hopes of convincing a judge to not return 19 dogs to the woman they say neglected and abused them.

Lindsey Morrow is facing charges including Fraud, Animal Neglect, Animal Abuse and Theft.  The ARL and Warren County law enforcement discovered 19 dogs living in filthy conditions and the remains of deceased dogs when they acted on a tip early this month and searched residents in Sandyville and Indianola.

The dogs were all connected to Morrow’s animal rescue group “Bully Breed Miracle Network.”   However the ARL says the dogs needed to be rescued from her rescue operation.  Those dogs are now in the care of the ARL.

On Wednesday afternoon the ARL began pleading its case to maintain possession of the dogs.  ARL vets laid out case-by-case details of the physical problems they found on each dog.  That includes one dog that had more than four pounds of matted fur removed from it.

Morrow’s attorneys countered many of the claims made by veterinarians at the hearing.  At one point an ARL employee reported on the amount of weight the dogs gained after being put on a healthy diet.  Attorney William Kutmus countered, asking whether the dogs were being made to deliberately gain weight to make their situation seem more dire.

After three hours of testimony on Wednesday the court broke for the day.  Hearings will resume at 9:30am on Thursday.  Morrow remains in custody at the Warren County Jail.


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