DES MOINES, Iowa – After a leaked draft from the Supreme Court revealed its plan to overturn Roe v. Wade earlier this week. Crowds attended the Reproductive Rights Rally outside of the State Capitol on Saturday.

Various people spoke at the event, including doctors and young people, about abortion. Des Moines infectious disease physician Dr. Megan Srinivas shared stories about why abortion rights are vital to women.

“This is not an abortion she wanted. It was one of the hardest decisions [in] her life, but because we live in a time of Roe v. Wade, she’s still here with us today and now has two children,” said Dr. Srinivas.

High school student Shreya Joshi also spoke at the rally. She reminded the crowd about the freedom of choice.

“I will not stand for this decision, and we will ensure that people in Iowa will continue to have the right to choose,” said Joshi.

Some in attendance were old enough to reflect on 1973 when the courts decided on Roe v. Wade. They never imagined fighting for women’s reproductive rights almost 50 years later. “I don’t want to go back to the way it was before,” said demonstrator Katherine Eckhouse.
“I see that happening, and in this state, I see a movement towards increasing restrictions on female autonomy.”

Meanwhile, some parents brought their kids to the rally.

“I realized that education was one of the most important things, and why wouldn’t we educate our children about their bodies,” said rally attendee rally Morgan Leu-Parkhurst.

“It’s important to have that information so when we can make informed choices as situations arise, whatever they may be.”

Although the Supreme Court will decide on Roe v. Wade later this summer, demonstrator Tierra McNeeley hopes her voice will make a difference.

“If enough of us come together, I think we can make a difference.”