WAUKEE, Iowa — Booming in growth, change is the new normal for the Waukee Community School District. “Part of our secret sauce is just the amazing support of parents in the community we have,” said Waukee CSD Superintendent Dr. Brad Buck.

More change is on the horizon November 2nd as eight diverse candidates are vying for four of the seven school board spots. Buck said, “When we have multiple candidates it provides an opportunity for our community to hear we all want the same thing but we may have different perspectives on how to get there.”

Mary Scheve is one of three current board members not running for re-election. She is a third-generation school board member and says the high interest in the board may be thanks to the pandemic making meetings more accessible online. She said, “Now they have the ability to be more involved and to watch it and that sparked an interest in the candidacy for them to say ‘I think I can do that’.”

That passion has also prompted a non-partisan political action committee to endorse four candidates in a school district that is growing in power. “We are a major business. We are a $200 million business,” said Scheve when speaking about the school district.

There is a divide between half of the candidates. The four backed by Warriors and Wolves United for Waukee banded together and do not condone one size fits all mandates. A contentious issue but hopefully not the only issue any candidate or voter considers. Scheve said, “If you are running for one issue and we talk about it maybe once in four years, maybe twice, you are going to have a long candidacy.”

Eight candidates may seem like overload but it shows a passion for community involvement and assures diverse voices are being represented. “When you think about this role, these people are choosing to do an unpaid roll and be in that level of leadership and responsibility,” said Dr. Buck.

Responsibility that relies on voters and candidates to have a consistent care for everyone in a consistently changing district. “I would invite people to really dig in deep and get to know their candidates and beyond those acute challenges.”