BUFFALO, New York — Crews battled the weather Thursday in Buffalo, New York trying to save a national landmark with ties to Iowa.

Forty-mile-per-hour winds made it difficult for divers surveying the damage to the USS The Sullivans, according to KWWL. The World War II-era ship named after five brothers from Waterloo began taking on water last week.

Thursday, divers had to use magnets to hold themselves to the ship while searching for holes in the hull.

“We’re being extremely cautious, divers are tethered, they’re harnessed, and we make sure that we have at least two if not three avenues of egress to get in and off the ship,” said Paul Marzello, Buffalo Naval Park president.

The divers did find five baseball-sized holes and were able to patch them.

Pumps are running around the clock to remove all the water. So far crews have pumped out 11,500 gallons. Divers say it has helped. The front of the ship is now floating about six inches above the bottom of the Buffalo River.