DES MOINES, Iowa – City and county crews weren’t the only ones hard at work clearing all the snow this weekend. Private companies were busy too.

“It is a workout for our trucks,” Catum Whitfield, co-owner of Whitfield’s Lawn and Garden, said. “Our crews were out over 24 hours, some of our crew members and yeah it was a lot.”

Workers from Whitfield’s Lawn and Garden were also out Monday tidying up commercial lots after Friday’s snowfall. While moving more than a foot of snow is a lot of work for the small crews, it’s also a big pay out.

“They call this white gold, and they don’t call it white gold for no reason,” Whitfield said. “It’s a lot of money in snow removal. We got a lot of equipment, a lot of money invested as well.”

Whitfield says Tuesday crews will be working to haul snow out from some of their sites in order to make room for the next winter event.