CRESTON CLASSES: Students Return To School

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People in Creston haven’t thought much about school work since a tornado struck the community Saturday, but school was back in session Wednesday after taking Monday and Tuesday off.

Principal Jay Slight said there was no damage to the High School building, but there was plenty of damage to homes and buildings across northwest Creston. “It’s back to school as usual,” said Slight, “We’re trying to establish routine and normalcy.” He said several students at the school experienced property damage at their homes.

The past few days the school staff and students have joined volunteers from all over to help remove storm debris. Creston High Teacher Todd Jacobson opened his first class asking if students wanted to “start throwing out stories?”

Students were all anxious to discuss what they had experienced and had heard about what happened in Creston. Jacobson reminded the students that he had served in the military in Desert Storm.  He said what happened Saturday “is what it looks like when you go into a war zone.”

Down the hall freshman Jay Wolfe said “we’re a strong community, we’ll come through it.” Sophomore Taylor Rice said “going back to school is a good thing, just to get everybody back into a normal routine.”

To the west of Creston High, Southwest Community College opened its doors Wednesday. Darwin Wetzel’s welding class had some new assignments on the first day back.  They were being asked to weld some things which were broken by the storm.

The students worked on a roof vent, and will also do some campus bike racks, and whatever else they are asked to do. “It’s great practical experience,” said Wetzel. “Not only do they weld it, but they will have to straighten it out first,” he added.


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