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WALKERTOWN, N.C. (WGHP) — A North Carolina couple spent their first day at home with their newborn after weeks in the hospital on Saturday

In that time, Brittany Butner had a premature baby, underwent multiple surgeries, and got married. The delivery, health scare and ceremony all happened within six days.

Brittany gave birth to a baby girl named Faylynn seven weeks early. Now she, her newborn and her new husband are at home healthy and recovering. They weren’t always sure she’d make it to this point.

“It’s a wild journey actually,” said Clint Butner, Brittany’s husband. “It was unexpected.”

It wasn’t what Clint and Brittany Butner planned. What started as a celebration of new life, quickly turned into fear that Brittany’s life was at risk.

“They told me when they were rolling me down there to the cath lab that I was in critical condition and there was a possibility I might not make it through,” Brittany Butner said.

On July 11, three days after giving birth, Brittany Butner was visiting her infant in the NICU when she started having chest pains and shortness of breath.

“I think we started to comprehend what was going on when they brought the defibrillator out and hooked the chest pads to me,” she said.

Doctors rushed her into emergency surgery. Brittany Butner had had a heart attack at only 28 years old.

“That’s what everybody else said, the doctors too,” said Brittany Butner. “They were like, ‘You’re really young. This is very rare.'”

She made it through surgery number one, but number two was scheduled for a few days later. Unsure of how that procedure would go, the couple had an idea. They were supposed to get married in September. Why not move it up?

Novant Health team members quickly put together a cake, decorations and a bouquet. They even decorated Faylynn’s bed and brought her up from the NICU to be a flower girl. Brittany and Clint said “I do” in the hospital room on July 13, two days after her first surgery.

“It was special to me,” said Clint Butner. “I cherish every moment. I was excited and happy.”

Brittany got a new last name and a new baby all in the span of a week.

Friday night, doctors released Faylynn from the NICU. A pink ribbon on the Butners’ front door welcomed her home.

Brittany and Clint Butner weren’t sure the day would come when mom and baby both made it out of the hospital, but they feel lucky it did.

Brittany Butner is still going for cardiology checkups and might have to go to heart rehab, but she’s got something to look forward to. The couple is planning to have a wedding ceremony on Sept. 17 at Dewberry Farm in Kernersville, North Carolina.