Council Bluffs Mayor Wants Federal Funds for Crumbling Infrastructure Affected by Floods, Heat

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — From a harsh winter to a flooded spring, and now a sweltering summer — the Iowa weather has taken its toll on the state’s infrastructure.

Few corners of the state have had it worse than Council Bluffs.

Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh says the extreme weather has caused city roads to crack under the pressure.

Floodwaters have eroded soil around the pipes, causing them to float and leave holes in their place.

In 2018, these same problems led to $4 million in emergency repairs.

It’s more than the city has funds for. It already has $300 million in deferred maintenance and Walsh says taxpayers can’t be expected to float the whole bill

“It’s a national emergency.  We need help from the federal government to get ahead of the cost of infrastructure, and until we get that help, all we can do is patch and pray.”

The city’s public works department says the damage is serious and aims to fix it as quickly as possible.


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