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LifeServe Blood Center Seeks Recovered COVID-19 Volunteers to Donate Plasma


DES MOINES, Iowa – LifeServe Blood Center is looking for volunteers who have recovered from the coronavirus to donate convalescent plasma.

According to LifeServe Blood Center, one patient at a local hospital received a donation on Friday.

LifeServe Blood Center Communications Director Danielle West said, “Nationwide in the United States, there’s been some good experimental treatment so far and good results. We haven’t had anyone in Iowa yet, except for the one today that received the first donation, so we are hoping that helps them.”

The experimental treatment is for people battling the virus who have serious or life-threatening infections from COVID-19.

“A physician will order a convalescent plasma product really just like any blood product. If they want a blood product, they actually have to write a prescription for that blood product and it goes the community blood center that they work with,” West said.

West said the idea is to use the antibodies from someone who has recovered from the virus and to help fight the infection in a patient that is battling COVID-19.

There is a list of qualifications for a donor to look at before donating. One of the qualifications is being virus free for at least 14 days.

“Their eligibility is if they have had a positive COVID-19 test result or if their doctor said you have COVID-19 and diagnosed them with that but maybe they never did a test because there were a lot of folks that maybe didn’t get tested but did get diagnosed with it,” West said.

People who qualify to donate convalescent plasma are asked to go online, fill out a form and schedule an appointment.


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