Valle Drive In Working Out Logistics Before Opening for a Highly Anticipated Season

Coronavirus Impacting Iowa
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NEWTON, Iowa — Iowans have been highly anticipating outdoor theater Valle Drive In to open, but owners say there are some logistics getting in the way. 

One problem the drive-in movie theater has faced is finding another resource for supplies. The company’s main supplier, for products such as popcorn, paper products, and bathroom supplies, has dealt with hardships since the start of the pandemic and is no longer able to ship to Valle Drive In. 

Second, since studios have put many movie releases on hold, the next step for Valle Drive In is working with its booker to decide what will be shown this summer.  

Third, co-owner of Valle Drive In, Jeff Namminga, said they are still planning how they’ll monitor the high traffic they expect to receive when they can only operate at a 50% capacity. 

“If you drive an hour to come see a drive in movie this summer and you get there and I tell you that, ‘I’m sorry that we can’t let anybody else in because we’re at 50% capacity’, you’re going to be upset with me if you drove an hour over there,” Co-Owner, Jeff Namminga said. “So we’re having to kind of shift a lot of how we’ve operated in the past, to try to make sure that it’s a good experience going forward for everybody.” 

Namminga said the outdoor theater is considering a way for patrons to buy tickets online to save them the trip to Newton if Valle Drive In has already reached capacity.

Valle Drive In is slated to be open within the next couple of weeks. For updates, visit the drive-in’s Facebook page.

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