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‘Vaccine Hunter’ Website Helps Iowans Find Appointments for COVID-19 Vaccine

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DES MOINES, Iowa — An Ankeny man is using his web skills to help Iowans get vaccinated for COVID-19.

One of the most challenging parts of the vaccination process is finding an appointment at local pharmacies. That’s why Todd Brady created a website that helps track appointments at different pharmacies around the state.

“I really started after I saw your special on just the new vaccine website and how it’s really hard to navigate into an appointment,” Brady said. “I figured I could kind of skip a lot of steps there. So after I saw that, it was about a week ago I started standing this stuff up so it’s moved pretty fast.”

The website is called “Vaccine Hunter.” You can search by location to see where appointments are available, and then click the links to directly schedule appointments.

At first, Brady created the site for friends and families. Now, he’s hoping to help other Iowans.

“I really was trying to find a way to contribute to this whole process and help people get appointments,” Brady said. “And when I get emails back and my family now has appointments, I feel like I’ve contributed to the whole thing. It makes me feel really good.”

There is a place for people to provide feedback and suggest additional pharmacies to add. You can access the website by clicking here.


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