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The Show Must Go On for Buena Vista University Students

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AMES, Iowa — When the Buena Vista University campus in Storm Lake closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many things about college life came to a halt. Students traded classrooms, for online classes from their parents’ homes.

There was one thing Mason McGrew, of Ankeny, could not let go of, the college TV production called BVTV.

“Guy ( Tannenbaum) and I took it over this year and it’s our senior year and I kind of felt let down that I wasn’t able to finish the show and give it a send-off that it deserves,” said McGrew.

Tannenbaum was at his parents’ house in Las Vegas while McGgrew was at home in his parents’ basement in Ankeny. Now they were still able to do their show, using Zoom.

“We should just do it at home if we’re going to do it because that’s what a lot of the talk show hosts are doing now they’re doing them at home, Jimmy Fallon‘s been doing it, Conan, all the big guys have,” said McGrew.

“I’m here doing … trying to do journalism and trying to do online classes at home I never thought that this would happen,” said Tannebaum, on their remote edition show.

The pair still came up with interviews with the Campus President Joshua Merchant, as well as the incoming student body president. Also, there was a lot of comedic banter and a sketch parody of Jerry Seinfeld.

So far, they’ve been able to produce one “Off Campus” show, which you can watch here. and are hoping for a second program, before the spring term ends.

“Kind of reminds me of one thing we talked about in one of our digital media classes, and it’s to always be in beta mode, to allow yourself to change, and not be in that final kind of version of it because the world isn’t stagnant, it’s always changing,” said McGrew.


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