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IOWA — An Ankeny man who helped Iowans find vaccine appointments is now helping them find COVID-19 testing.

Todd Brady is using his web skills once again to help others during the pandemic.

“If I can do a little bit and try to stop this and get us through this, I feel like I’ve got to do my part,” Brady said.

Back in February, he created the “Vaccine Hunter” website. This week, he launched another website called “Test Hunter.”

“Testing is kind of hard to find,” Brady said. “After the Test Iowa site got changed from a drive-thru to mail in, there’s a big lead time between asking for a test, getting a test, and then getting your results.”

Brady’s goal is to help people find a test and get their results faster. His website allows people to search by location, pick what kind of test they want, and even compare costs.

“A big part of this site I wanted to include was the price,” Brady explained, “because the price varies greatly. It’s $90 up to $380, so there’s a big discrepancy in price and I want people to be able to shop around.”

After his family was exposed to COVID-19 a couple weeks ago, Brady found how challenging the testing process can be.

“I’m just surprised at just how painful it is. So even finding a location and a price, that might be half your battle. You might have to fight insurance next or bill insurance next,” Brady said.

He says Iowans face two hurdles with getting a COVID test: affordability and accessibility. He would like to see more done by the state, saying he considers his website a bandaid.

Until then, he will keep updating his website to help keep Iowans informed.

If people have suggestions or feedback, they can contact Brady through the website.