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Hundreds of Students Quarantined in Iowa City, Governor Believes Infections Happening Outside School

Coronavirus Impacting Iowa

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Nearly five percent of students in the Iowa City public school district are quarantined because of possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, according to the district’s virus tracker.

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The district reported Wednesday night that 40 students had confirmed positive cases of the virus and another 105 students had presumed positive cases. Ten classrooms are temporarily closed, according to the district.

The new “U.K. Variant” of the virus, which is spreading across the United States, could be more likely to infect children, according to some early research.

Public health officials have not publicly identified what strain or strains of the COVID-19 infected children in the Iowa City district, nor reported how the students became infected.

But Wednesday during her weekly news conference, Governor Kim Reynolds expressed doubt that students were becoming infected while at school. “I’m not aware of any school district in the country that has pointed to a significant outbreak that is a result from transmission in the classroom,” the governor said, “I don’t believe there is a specific case that’s been highlighted at this point.”


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