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Gyms Struggling to Regain Membership After Being Closed by COVID-19

Coronavirus Impacting Iowa

 ANKENY, Iowa — Although gyms are open and are working to keep their facilities clean and COVID-free, enrollment is down.

Many gyms are struggling as people are still not yet comfortable going back or are still hurting financially. Kirk Jordison owns several Anytime Fitness locations in the metro and said they have about 65 percent of their members back in the gym, but many members are still suspending their accounts.

That’s why they have a “pay what you can” opportunity, where the gym can be affordable for anyone.

“The reason we like it so much is it is giving them a chance to join at the rate that they can afford to get started,” Jordison said. “It’s also helping us a small business people to actually get members using the club. We’d love to get back up 100 percent usage, and to do that we have to make it affordable for everybody.”

Jordison said gyms go hand-in-hand with restaurants and bars and how they are impacted by COVID-19 and right now they really need the local support.


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