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Ames Business Owner Deals With COVID-19 Impact

Coronavirus Impacting Iowa

AMES, Iowa- The COVID-19 virus has caused an earthquake in the Iowa business community. It has hit businesses large, and small. Including Alpha Copies in Ames.

“We’ve let half of our full-time staff go, furloughed them, and then we furloughed all of our part-time staff,” said Alpha Copies Owner, John Crawford. “I’ve been through it personally before, I’ve never had to be the one that gave the news to people and I’ve had people that have been with us over 12 years that we had the furlough so that was very hard day.”

Crawford worked with those he let go to direct toward resources to help locate new employment.

“Our staff has been fantastic, we’ve had even some of them come to us last Friday and say they’d be willing to take a cut in pay to help you go through this,” said Crawford. “The thought crossed my mind that we’re just about ready to maybe take him up on that.” But in the end Crawford did not want to ask an employee do that.

Alpha Copies, also operates in the same shop with a Fast Signs franchise, also owned by Crawford.

“We try to do our own social distancing at work we shut down self-serve computers,” said Crawford. “So customers can’t use that and spread anything we wipe down counters a timely manner throughout the day bathroom faucets.”

Crawford credits the community for supporting Alpha Copies.

“I would say we’re very grateful for our business community,” said Crawford. “Our Chamber has been fantastic, and taken a great leadership role, also our bank has been really good.”

Crawford encourages business who struggle, to stay connected and reach out to other businesses.

Crawford says he operates his business online for many projects anyway. For more on Alpha Copies, click here.


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