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INSIDERS: Iowa’s Efforts to Protect Nursing Home Residents as COVID-19 Deaths Surpass 1,000


Part 1

For Iowans living in nursing homes, Thanksgiving is part of a holiday season that may get especially lonely since COVID-19 prevents most visitors.

To date, 1,003 Iowans living in long care facilities have died from COVID-19, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health. Currently, the state is reporting coronavirus outbreaks at 122 facilities.

Gov. Kim Reynolds is sending $14 million to help these facilities with staffing and testing as the Iowa Health Care Association deals with unprecedented strain. Brent Willett, president and CEO of the Iowa Health Care Association, explained what is being done to protect Iowans living in long term care facilities.

Part 2

Iowans can join in the effort to find a COVID-19 vaccine now that the Iowa Clinic has been chosen as a site for a Phase 3 clinical trial.

Part 3

Some hospitals have been converting offices and janitor closets to temporary rooms because they are seeing so many COVID-19 patients. Patients are dying and others are staying hospitalized for weeks. WHO 13’s Monica Madden showed what it’s like inside for those trying to help Iowans fight the virus.

Part 4

Here’s a look a the difficult decisions school administrators have to make when deciding whether to move students online.


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