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Governor Reynolds Apologizes for COVID-19 Test Delays


JOHNSTON, Iowa — On Monday, Governor Kim Reynolds apologized that the “Test Iowa” mass testing effort–which cost taxpayers $26 million to establish–has failed to deliver the three-day results that she had promised.

“I know waiting for test results is difficult and I’m sorry for any concern that this may have caused you,” the governor said during her daily briefing.

Some Iowans have told WHO 13 that they got tested at a mass testing site in Des Moines after completing the self-assessment at They waited more than a week to get their results.

Governor Reynolds blamed the delays on a backlog at the State Hygienic Lab in Coralville, which processes the results. “I want again to reassure that this is a short-term issue as we ramp up testing and processing and complete the Test Iowa validation process.”

A spokesman later explained that the validation process directs staff at the lab to process results from Test Iowa using that system’s equipment and then also running the same samples through the state lab’s equipment to see if both produce similar results.

He couldn’t say yet when the governor’s office will release the results from the validation process.


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