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‘COVID-19 is Still a Threat’ Says Local Teen Still Delivering Groceries for Free


JOHNSTON, Iowa — Even though school is in session and restaurants have opened back up, the coronavirus is still out there and there’s a large portion of the population that cannot leave their homes because they are at a higher risk.

T’s Angel Hands is an organization started by some Johnston teenagers who are still hard at work delivering groceries for free. Johnston High School senior Tanner Kenin started T’s Angel Hands back in April.

“I started this because I heard of my grandparents’ own issues to get groceries,” said Kenin. “My own father also is waiting to get a kidney transplant and he is also very high risk, so I knew there was a big issue out there.”

It’s an issue that Kenin said some people are now taking too lightly.

“I feel like it has to do a lot with just the message that some leaders are giving off that COVID really isn’t a threat anymore. We used to have people who would call us the same time every week and asked for us to do deliveries. They would call every single week and then they just stopped calling. It was kind of weird to me,” Kenin said.

But still, in five months, the organization has driven more than 4,800 miles and has made over 500 deliveries. They continue to drop off groceries for free to around 25 to 40 people per week.

“Probably a month or two ago we made a delivery for a lady who called us who was blind and almost completely deaf. She told us that her usual helper who usually comes in to help just stopped showing up. So she had absolutely no way of getting groceries and didn’t know any of her neighbors in her apartment building. That was just a really great feeling of just knowing that we helped someone who, honestly, if we weren’t there for them, who knows what would have happened,” Kenin said.

To get in contact with the organization, go to


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