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Central Iowa Music Community Sharing Musical Talents During Coronavirus Pandemic


DES MOINES, Iowa – People across the Des Moines metro are sharing their musical talents while stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jason Walsmith, a singer/songwriter for The Nadas, started posting daily videos with the #morningsong on Facebook.

“I woke up and it was a weird day and it was one of those first days we were stuck in home and there was a ukulele sitting on the couch and I heard the birds chirping outside and I thought I know how to play ‘Three little Birds’ on ukulele, so I just started playing it,” Walsmith said.

Walsmith said it helps him get through things.

“It’s nice to know that it helps make people feel better about the situation everybody is in right now,” Walsmith said.

Walsmith said while bars are physically closed, he is looking into doing online streaming performances on their social media pages.

“I’ve always been taught or I’ve always believed what comes from the heart goes to the heart, so we write with that in mind,” Walsmith said.

The music school “School of Rock” in West Des Moines has moved all its programs online, so its students can still learn while social distancing.

School of Rock General Manager Adam Dooley said, “More than anything, it’s allowed our students to kind of just keep a little bit of normalcy in their lives. It gives them a routine and allows them to have something to look forward to each week.”

The school uses Zoom for both one-on-one lessons and group sessions.

“We will have the students record the songs, have their parents or whatever film them playing the songs from home and then myself and our music director Kevin Drew, he’s a sound engineer so he’ll mix and master that audio, and we will kind of edit the video together,” Dooley said.

Despite many businesses being closed, the school is still open for new clients, even in a virtual setting.

“Having music to at least be able to look forward to and play is totally therapeutic. Totally what I think a lot of people need right now,” Dooley said.


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