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Coronavirus Affects Local Businesses, Sports Teams in Unlikely Ways


DES MOINES, Iowa — Due to the coronavirus, factories across China have practically shutdown causing issues for local businesses and even sports teams.

Everything you see the Iowa Wild players wearing and using is made by a company called CCM, which manufactures its products in China. The shutdown of manufacturing and shipping of CCM products has created a shortage across the AHL

“So it’s their helmets, gloves, shins, shoulders, elbows, pants, sticks. The skates are manufactured in Canada, but I did not know two weeks ago that some components for the skates are actually made in China, shipped to Canada and then the skates are put together in Quebec,” Iowa Wild Head Equipment Manager Richard “Shakey” Krouse said.

Krouse said hockey sticks are the piece of equipment they replace most often running through about 96 per player per season.

Luckily, Krouse placed a double order right before the Chinese New Year because he knew factories would shut down for that.

“We’re pretty fortunate because we still have sticks in packages up there yet for players,” Krouse said.

Even though they have enough, for now, Krouse still charged the players to treat these sticks like gold.

“I just told the guys I said listen no breaking them over the boards intentionally if you’re upset. No trying to stomp them or do anything intentionally. Try to take it easy on them. Before the shutdowns, we had probably close to 24 to 30 for every player. We are still at about 12 right now per player so we are pretty fortunate,” Krouse said.

The China factory shutdowns are also affecting a small business called Lindsey Love Beauty which makes lip gloss, body spray, and false eyelashes.

“I handmake the actual lip gloss but the tubes that I package them in, I order from a manufacturer in China. And a lot of the vendors that I work with, are actually either not in the factory right now due to the aggravation of the virus or they are not delivering products. And then other products they can ship are potentially held up in customs,” Lindsey Love Beauty Owner Janessa Lindsey said.

Lindsey said she’s currently playing the waiting game and using what she had in stock before the virus hit.

“I’m kind of just sustaining myself on that inventory right now, but I am going to run out of product soon so I do need to start getting more inventory in,” Lindsey said.


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