CORN MAZE: Worth Late Harvest

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The most recent crop report shows farmers have harvested only 35% of Iowa's corn.

One of the fields yet to see a combine belongs to the Geisler family.

They operate a corn maze that brings in big crowds but isn't easy on their crop.

The fall paradise where families can get lost in the maze, pick the perfect pumpkin, or even roll around on a hamster wheel sits on 10 acres of rich Iowa farmland in Bondurant.

In a good year, corn grown in this area can get up to 150 bushels per acre but Darrell Geisler, the owner of the Geisler Family Farm doesn't have high expectations for his crop.

"If we get 100 bushels out of this land we'll just be tickled,” said Geisler.

It's a price he's willing to pay to provide fun for Iowa families.

Michael and Joey Morrison have been bringing their children here for three years.

"They like to ride the tractors and tricycles. The maze always has a different theme, so it's a great time," said Geisler.

Keeping the corn out until the last week of October leaves the crop vulnerable to things like frost and wind damage which will make it more difficult to harvest when he takes the combine through the field next week.

Each year, Geisler must consider whether he'll get more bang for his buck harvesting on time or opening his land to the public.

"That's pretty hard to figure sometimes. You don't know what the weather is going to do. When it rains and no one shows up, it’s tough to figure that,” said Geisler.

For the last eight years, the Geisler family has decided to create the maze and don't intend to stop anytime soon.

"It gives you a good feeling giving families some enjoyment and giving them something they can't get everywhere,” Geisler told Channel 13 News.

This was the last weekend for the Geisler Farms corn maze.

You can still buy pumpkins at their farm through Halloween.


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